Create beautiful vector artwork on your
iPad with Inkpad.

Inkpad drawing

Illustrations, logos, graphics, posters, diagrams and presentations
drawn with Inkpad are all fully scalable.

Inkpad hue and satuation


  • Very high performance. Select, scale and rotate hundreds of objects with zero lag.
  • Create arbitrary bezier paths with the Pen tool.
  • Create compound paths, masks and groups.
  • Create text objects.
  • Arbitrary stroke dash patterns.
  • Swatch color library.
  • Snap to grid, points, and path edges.
  • Place photos from your albums.


  • Powerful scale and rotate tools.
  • Gradient fills with interactive editing on canvas.
  • Boolean operators on paths (Unite, Intersect, Exclude, Subtract Front)

Inkpad layers


  • Manipulate unlimited layers per drawing.
  • Rename, rearrange, delete, hide and lock layers.
  • Isolate the active layer for easy editing.
  • Adjust layer transparency.


  • Email drawings as SVG, PDF, PNG and JPEG.
  • Send SVG, PDF, PNG, and JPEG directly to your Dropbox.
Inkpad drawing browser